Tijana Titin

Monday, June 3, 2019


Here I am in my studio, finishing one of my most important artworks so far.
The painting "Secret Garden" is one of the few artworks I have been developing over a long period of time. I felt it was crucial for my artistic growth to take time and slowly build something new, make some new steps, open new doors in my art.

Secret Garden is my attempt to create a space which will feel like an essence of the human being. There is a struggle, as well as optimism, there is a downfall, as well as growing and jumping. I would say that a certain peace and joy are to be found within the painting, but you can definitely see uneasiness, demons, even drowning. All together, I wanted this chaos to work as one, exactly like the life itself, exactly like the human nature.

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"Secret Garden" by Tijana Titin
Painting "Secret Garden" 2017-2018 Tijana Titin

Secret Garden, 2017/18 Oil on canvas 190x190cm