Tijana Titin

Friday, July 10, 2020

Detuned Laughter

This artwork has been sold to a private collector in New York, just a couple of days before the pandemic has been proclaimed in March. So grateful for that, it allowed me to stay productive the whole time.

Detuned Laughter, detail

The title has been inspired by the sentence from one of my favorite books "Alexandria Quartet".

Detuned Laughter, 2016 oil on canvas 100x150cm

Cherry-coloured Funk

This is one of my most abstract-looking artworks at the first glance.
However, there are numerous figures and faces when you take a closer look.

Cherry-coloured Funk, oil on canvas 150x200cm


Period full of uncertainty and anxiety, but also full of hope.
Months of isolation, which at some points felt to me like coming to the verge of sanity, made more productive than I have been in years.
Grateful to German government, who handled the huge challenge with great responsibility and care for human lives.

Tijana Titin in the studio