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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inspiring book of poems "Duende" by Tracy K. Smith



This is a poem about the itch
That stirs a nation at night.

This is a poem about all we'll do
Not to scratch-

Where fatigue is great, the mind
Will invent entire stories to protect sleep.

Dark stories. Deep fright.
Syntax of nonsense.

Our prone shape has slept a long time.
Our night, many nights.

This is a story in the poem's own voice.
This is epic.

Part Three: Occupation


Every poem is the story of itself.
Pure conflict. Its own undoing.
Breeze of dreams, then certain death.

 "Duende, that dark and elusive force described by Federico Garcia Lorca, is the creative and ecstatic power an artist seeks to channel from within. It can lead the artist toward revelation, but it must also, Lorca says, accept and even serenade the possibility of death."

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