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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One month visiting professorship at China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou. I was giving lessons at the CDK (Chinesisch-Deutsche Kunstakademie) Department of Oil Painting (油畫系).
Encounter of different cultures, mentalities, as well as approaches to the art. The experience to remember!

During my stay, we organized closing exhibition of the first year's master students in the Moca Westlake Gallery.

The final exhibition of the first year Master’s students of the Chinese-German Academy of Art (CDK) shows different artistic positions. The special orientation of the CDK allows students an exciting interplay between the traditional and Western art, culture and the mindset. As a result, there is a new, “a third position", which is full of opportunities. This exhibition displays artistic positions of the twelve students who are in the search of their own visual language.
On the one hand, we see a development of the painterly possibilities which are coming out of figuration, as well as lyrical abstract approaches on the other hand.
In the discourse of culturally different spatial and conceptual models, as well as different pictorial traditions, here are appearing interesting approaches to work for the students.
The exhibition enables young artists an overview of the accomplishments in the first Academic year and is a further step towards professionalization and self-reflection.

Introduction in Chinese and German

Artists: Cao Yu, Guo Runi, Guo Xiaojing, Han Jin, Li Fengrui, Liang Xiao, Peng Junyi, Pan Xiaoqian, Pei Yu, Sun Yuxiu, Shu Ye, Yu Qiushi
Academic Host: Burkhard Held, Tijana Titin
Art Director: Tong Yanrunan
Curator: Tijana Titin
Assistants: Peng Junyi, Yu Qiushi
Exhibition 25.4- 3.5.2014 Moca Westlake Gallery, Hangzhou

Guo Xiaojing
Liang Xiao (left) and Shu Ye (right)
Pan Xiaoqian
Works by Li Fengrui
Work by Pei YU
The first year's master students in front of works by Yu Qiushi
Gallery entrance and the work by Sun Yuxiu

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